Sunday, March 11, 2012

Frank Llyod Wright Inspired

A quiet home, near the shores of Lake Michigan.  
Open concept floor plan.  Multi level living.  
Eco friendly "living roof".  
Infinity pool with balcony over hang off the back of the house.  
Reclining chair for the retired millionaire and his red headed German lady friend.  Wink.

House Built by Mom
Landscaping by Marge
February 2012

Smuggler's Demise

3-D iceberg.  
Smugglers, thwarted by karma, and a giant hunk of ice, are tossed into the frigid seas.  
Money and gold bars strewn about.  
Angry, and very cold bandits.

Built by Mom, February 2012

Police Station

Just another day at the local police station.

That's Darla, the dispatcher in the window.  She's a tough cookie but she keeps everyone informed!

After the last Chief took over, they installed an ATM around the corner.  One stop shopping for when you need cash to bail your boyfriend out of jail after a night of hi-jinx.

The back of the station has a working garage door so the CSI can pull their vehicle right into the station and unload evidence.  It's under 24 surveillance...duh.

What's this!?  The lady patrol cop rounds the corner to find an escape attempt in progress just out of the range of the security cameras!

Quick action and well honed police skills will put a stop to this break out!

Built by Marge and Mom February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Party Room

 Flat screen HD TV mounted over the fireplace.  
Open concept gas fireplace complete with tchotckes on the mantle.

 Wine bar with over head halogen lighting.  Rotating party couches.

 The Storm Trooper needs to stop hassling the lady Jedi at the rear bar.

 Pizza oven...of course!

Built by Marge and Mom
February 2012

Ice Cream Truck

 Who knew Storm Troopers like strawberry soft serve!?

 Busy place today...

I Heart You

February 2012