Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gourmet Kitchen

Dear Lego,

Much has been written in the last few weeks about your launch of a new line of Legos designed to appeal to girls.   As a mother of daughters, I can appreciate the initial urge to answer their calls of, "More pink!" and "That's too boyish!" with a pastel colored mini figure that has boobs and carries flowers...

No wait!  I can't!  That's completely stupid.  Lego!  You really messed this one up.  Your new playsets promise minutes of fun while girls of all ages follow cookie cutter directions and assemble purple and teal scenes filled with puppies and pre-fab furniture.  Lame.  Sexist.  Insulting. 

So I thought I would show you what my daughters and I did with our primary colored Legos.  The bricks and bits handed down to them by their starship building father.  Accessories like a working ceiling fan, a broom, a plunger (for when too many organic vegetable peels get put down the disposal), and a paper towel holder that we had to assemble using our imagination.  Furniture we had to build because Daddy's old Star Wars sets didn't come with a 6 burner Viking range, a Sub-Zero refrigerator or a 36 bottle wine chiller.

Is it cliche that my girls and I built a kitchen?  Possibly.  But Lego, you know your new friends would loooove to be sitting on one of those barstools constructed out of rocket seats and red bricks having tapas and a glass of pinot with with my storm trooper right about now!


Nancy, the mother of 3 awesome Lego loving GIRLS!

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